A detailed schedule of financial activity, such as an advertising budget, a sales budget, or a capital budget. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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Budget Bud‧get [ˈbʌdʒt] noun [countable] ECONOMICS
an official statement that a government makes about how much it intends to spend and what the rates of taxes will be for the next year or six months:

• There is a great deal in the Budget to help investment.

• This year's Budget is expected to include measures to help small businesses.

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   An itemized forecast of the incomes and expenditure of a government or company for a given future period.

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budget UK US /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ noun
[C] FINANCE, ACCOUNTING a plan that shows how much money an organization expects to earn and spend during a particular period of time, and how it will spend its money: work on/draw up/establish a budget »

Corporate planners are busy drawing up a budget for the next fiscal year.


Fourth quarter results will be factored into the budget.


a project/departmental/corporate budget


an annual/monthly/quarterly budget

[C or U] FINANCE, ACCOUNTING the amount of money you are allowed to spend for a particular purpose: a budget of $4 million/€1000/£100, etc. »

She was given a budget of $5,000 a month to raise the four children.

cut/reduce/increase/raise a budget »

Local agencies were forced to cut their budgets by 50%.

over/under/on/within budget »

The project came in $5,000 over budget.


their research/marketing budget

also UK Budget) GOVERNMENT, FINANCE, ECONOMICS an official statement from the government which explains how much money it plans to collect in taxes and spend on public services during the next year: »

The Chancellor will be announcing the Budget next week.


state/federal/city/national budget

on a (tight/limited) budget — Cf. on a tight/limited budget
See also AUSTERITY BUDGET(Cf. ↑austerity budget), BALANCED BUDGET(Cf. ↑balanced budget), CAPITAL BUDGET(Cf. ↑capital budget), CASH BUDGET(Cf. ↑cash budget), SALES BUDGET(Cf. ↑sales budget), UNBALANCED BUDGET(Cf. ↑unbalanced budget), VARIABLE BUDGET(Cf. ↑variable budget)
budget UK US /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ verb [I or T] FINANCE, ACCOUNTING
to calculate how much money you must earn or save during a particular period of time, and plan how you will spend it: »

With housing costs rising, prospective homeowners will need to budget very carefully.

be budgeted for sth »

Over $3 million has been budgeted for medical research.

be budgeted at sth »

The project, which is budgeted at $200,000, will be completed in eight months.

budget UK US /ˈbʌdʒɪt/ adjective [before noun] COMMERCE
costing very little money: »

They offer everything from luxury hotels to budget accommodation.


budget travel/ flights

offering something for a very low price: »

a budget airline/carrier

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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